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Fields of Dreams

Variety Village is a magical place. There are only a few places like it in the world… three swimming pools, sports teams and an enormous fieldhouse with an indoor 200-metre track, three basketball courts and a rock wall. But that’s not what makes it magical. It’s a place where people are accepted and celebrated for what they can do – not what they can’t do.

Situated in Scarborough, Ontario, it’s an amazing fitness facility that is totally accessible for everyone to use. Kids and families go there to be active and proud of their accomplishments. Variety Village is a place that inspires dreams.

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Power Play: Hockey on Wheels

play2podium-adam_0004Cheering, whistling fans. Slapping sticks. And squealing tires. That’s right. It’s electric wheelchair hockey with teams facing off on gymnasium floors all across Canada.

Just like swift skaters on sharp blades, these players start, stop and spin with great skill. Power wheelchair hockey players literally drive toward the net for a chance to score. They steer with electronic controls, using their hand, elbow, head or sometimes even their chin to power forward or backward. Electric wheelchair hockey is floor hockey and it’s played by boys and girls, and men and women, who have disabilities that affect their lower and upper body strength. It’s a game that kids with severe disabilities can play. Some players tape their lightweight, plastic hockey stick right to their wheelchair and shoot the ball by quickly moving it side to side. The games are fast-paced, exciting and most of all fun for everyone. And just like in many other hockey leagues across Canada, most games end with a friendly pizza party for the competitors. 

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It’s All Downhill

178_178Skiing is a wonderful winter activity that everyone can enjoy. Just ask the instructors at the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing (CADS). Whether it’s skiing or snowboarding for fun or for competition, CADS says “Skiing is for Everyone.” “Why Not?” the instructors ask. Special adaptive equipment like sit-skis, mono-skis and gliders give kids who can’t walk the freedom to fly down the hill. Even skiers who are blind can carve a path down a mountain with the help of ski buddies or guides. Skiing with family and friends is an amazing way to have fun and stay active. It’s a great sport for building confidence in your abilities. And you can take that poise with you into other sports and other parts of your life!

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Right on Track

img_1193Thirteen-year-old Marissa Papaconstantinou has never known what it’s like to have two typical legs. But that hasn’t mattered to her one bit. She was born missing her right foot. But actually, she has more legs than most kids. Marissa has an everyday prosthetic leg, another one she likes for play­ing soccer, and a third one made especially for sprinting. Marissa is an amazing athlete.

She plays goalie for a very competitive soccer team. “Playing soccer at this level has never been a problem for me because of my prosthetic leg,” she smiles, “or for any other players or coaches or parents.”

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